Jumaat, April 23, 2010

nothing better...

tomorrow i'll be at KL.I have to attend caremony at my relative's house.
I already have one plan.
I really wanna go to KINOKUNIYA,so I can search for many books.
Plus,if I dont have an enough money,I can just read it there=p
Driving,it's my hobby!Tomorrow I'll drive for two hours.
So bored at home,keep watching video ,unfortunately did not finish yet =p

I want to ask forgiveness from everybody. Be happy and keep smiling^-^

this VIDEO to all especially to my family,my bestfriends who are always stand besides me..

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p/s: I would like to thank to Suji,my Korean friend that told me the difference between ''hyung'' and ''oppa in Korean.I only know that the meaning is like "abang" in Malay.
hyung- only guys can use the word. the guys call someone who is older than them
oppa- only girls can use the world, the girls call someone who is older than them

:always heard these words from Korean drama and show..Now I can understand the difference^_^

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