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bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. still awake,cannot sleep. actually, I want to sleep at 12. Then,I followed my uncle to send his maid to her house...

23 April 2010

still awake,cannot sleep.
actually, I want to sleep at 12.
Then,I followed my uncle to send his maid to her house at Cheras.
Today?? Kenduri?
Alhamdullilah,everything ran smoothly.
I met my relatives and I ate delicious foods.
Nasi Lemak and Ikan Bakar. urmm yummy!
I reached here at 4.15pm. So lucky because no jammed yet!
Azam, my 8 year old cousin: shocked.
I did not tell him that I want to be here today la..
I did it purposely,can I say like that??
Really happy bcoz I got an opportunity to help my aunt.
I met my cousins too. To Bro Munir,I'm not sure whether u r still on the way to Johor or already reach there,drive carefully.
I know that you like to drive faster...n even faster than me =p
I hope our kenduri on this May will be like today.
To all my cousins,please do come to my house^_^
no picture for today.Keep watching my "dua pupu",so cute!
Another story, I was shocked with something.
still thinking about that,keep asking to myself"reality or dream?"
sorry,I'm always like this and I think you know me,it's hard to me to believe.^_^

I think I need to cancel my plan to go to KLCC.
Going alone is not the best,I know my mum always worried about me.
Keep asking me the same questions,"is it ok to u to go alone there?","is it safe to you?" and many more although she knew that I'm always going back from KL to Pahang alone...Therefore, I already decided that I'm not going to make my mum worry about her only child.
Cannot wait to go home,less than 24 hours in KL..Home sweet home.I must go back to prepare for our kenduri this May.
Plus, I need to pay my car's loan for this month and this thing,I really excited about it.
To change my license to the competent one! This 27 April 2010, no more P for my car!
Nobody can bully saya! I don't like some of them.Keep bullying me because I have P.
Unacceptable but that is reality.My mum told me that don't u "leave" the P,dear. Ok I'll keep it,so that some of them will be more careful to come near to my car while I'm driving,that's the advantage.I'll tell u about my P experience soon!

Sorry to all adik-adik form 1 because I cannot join Khemah Ibadah at my school next week.I have to attend "kind of event" at my village.Wishing the best to all of the facilitators!Keep doing the best^_^

Sorry to my aunt,Mak Sham,I just read your email.I did not bring the thing that you asked me to bring.I'll come to KL again and bring it.

I need to get an enough sleep to drive tomorrow.
Take care^_^

This is me,Nor Halimah.

2 ulasan:

ibrahemazamanzain berkata...

yes..that bully part is so common. even my father driving my sister's car also frequently get honked by others.some of competent drivers are ignorant and rude.
i like the shocked part!

Nor Halimah berkata...

I really hate that part.I knew some of them did it purposely.
plus,they even can smile to me after that..
oh nooooo....
Although I'm shocked, I like that part too.never expect that.Thanks^_^.