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Foto???I'm pretty sure a lot of us like to take a picture@photo! Nowaday, everybody has a camera.Maybe some of us like other people to t...


Foto???I'm pretty sure a lot of us like to take a picture@photo! Nowaday, everybody has a camera.Maybe some of us like other people to take a picture for them,but why not we take it by ourselves????????

So,there are 10 reasons to learn to take good pictures!
1. Photographs are personal. Only you know how you see the world.
Everyone views the world differently.We have our own opinion about the pictures.Right?Sometimes,we say the picture is unique but other people deny it...Believe that your perspective is unique.Your sister will not capture your family holiday like you would.Maybe she will focuses only on the kids, while you will take a picture of beautiful scenery.She never even thought to look at it.

scenery picture
2. Photographs provide a historical record

Please take a look of your old pictures! I'm sure you will be happy.That's because you will realize it has a great value in your life.Taking photos of your house will remind you of what you once value.Having photos of how things are now will give you a record for your life.Every moments can be shared together with your kids in the future.

picture during your childhood

3. Taking pictures will bring your brain in a creative mode.

Taking pictures make your brain become more active.You will try your best in taking pictures.Simply by looking through camera and deciding what part of picture you want to take will kick your mind into creative mode.The more you shoot,you will become more creative.So,let's it play with your brain.

4. Photography is a great therapy.

Taking pictures is an interesting hobby.If you're sad,why don't you pick your camera and go out looking for beauty.You will appreciate it. Just spend an hour ,shooting photographs~your home,your car,your family and your pet...Life via a camera lens is a full of wonder.It will help you to break your negative thoughts.

5. Photography is an easy way to make new friends!

This is one of advantages in taking picture. You can find friends that will love to talk about photography.You are able to learn new things in photography.

6. Photography is a way to share your life with other.

Relative does not mean we have much in common.Sharing a photo with them may make you close with them.You can also share travel pictures.Maybe our friends really interested to go to that area.So we can tell to them about the place via pictures.

7. Photography is a gift you can give others.

Cards with your photographs is a great gift.Getting cards and calendars made has never been easier; you can even have it done online.You can give your parents a calendar which contains your family picture.Editing your picture with your own creativity and give them=))

8. Photography will improve your weblogs@ blog.

People is easily feel boring when they see words only.That's why you need to include your photographs with your words.The power of a good photograph can attract many people to read your blog for a long period.

9. Photography brings an honour.

Your images might not make your become famous and well-known,but being known as someone who takes a good photo is a great.It's great to hear,"Wow!Nice picture!Can I get a copy?" and "Who take such wonderful picture??"Praise is great and make us become more interested in taking pictures.

10. Photography is a business.

Absolutely it is true!!You can make your own money by taking pictures.You could start small.Just take a picture of your friends.Maybe one day your work will be published on newspaper and magazines.People will contact you to record their memories.The more you learn about photography,the more you will get from it.People will have more confidence on you.

that's all....=)

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