Sunday, June 23, 2013

No title.

Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 12:17 AM

Honestly,currently I'm thinking about something.
I know this is quite important for me to think now.
Everyone around me keep asking me.
I don't understand and I don't know.
Sometimes I just smile to them because I don't know the exact answer for that kind of question.
I need time to understand and find the right answer.
When the time comes, I'll tell the answer.
Even it is quite hard for me,yeah deep inside in my heart. However, I still believe there must be a reason for this and only He knows the best answer for me.
So,let's wait. I do try to find the answer for that but I don't think this is the time to reveal it because I'm not so sure.
Sorry to everyone out there if I did anything wrong to you.
Okay, please pray the best for me :)
Take care.



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