Khamis, Ogos 02, 2012

Hitachi Garden,Japan


Hitachi? Don't imagine it as your electrical appliances:p

Btw, What's that? I just came to know about this wonderful place from "Prof. Google":p Hitachi is the name of the garden which is situated in Japan. Where it is actually? . It is located near the sea Ajigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

Such a beautiful and great place for all of us,I think so ( only if u love something which is peaceful la, & the fact is that I love it) hehe.. Actually, I just read about it,never reach there yet. Insha Allah, one day :) I hope so.

Guess what? Hitachi Garden in Japan is one of the most beautiful open gardens in the world. This beautiful garden includes a lot of social activities and wonderful entertainment events, such as cycling (i like:) , swimming ( unfortunately,dont know how to swim) and light games, and what is more amazing thing there is that the garden flowers which contains many kinds of beautiful flowers.( yuhuuu.. I hope I can be there one day)

Can you imagine a form of candy colorful round?

In Japan, there are flower gardens extend in the hills with a round flower trees such as bonbon. Adorable! Long as the eye could see, the looks just beautiful colorful flowers.Here some pictures, "Prof. Google gave it to me":p (I wanna capture the picture of this garden,seriously!!:()

Hitachi Garden is ready to refresh your eyes with its beautiful and charming of the millions of flowers. Starting from the flowers that are red, purple, white, to blue in 4.5 hectares of this park.The fact is that this garden is covered by colourful flowers. (just like in my dream:p) It must be so beautiful. -_*

Hitachi park almost every year overgrown flower. Interestingly, if it comes in different seasons, you will not find the same interest. This is because most of the flowers blooming in the garden of Hitachi in different seasons.

Have you ever heard about nemophila? It also known as "Baby blue-eyes". It is a spring-blooming wildflower that gets its name from the bright blue flowers of two of the three varieties that are recognised. It is also cultivated in gardens. It only blooms during the spring. :) Flower petals are very pretty with a dark blue shades to the young. When nemophilas bloom, Japanese people call it “Nemophilia Harmony”. It is one of the beautiful flowers in this garden.

Hitachi park also has 170 species of tulips are ready to steal the heart of every tourist who comes. The funny thing is, that there are some shady tree in the Garden of Hitachi, deliberately rounded shape. At certain seasons, the leaves change color from green to red. Beautiful! Hitachi has a recreation park complete with a mini entertainment area and a bike rental place. You can circle the flowers while cycling. Smell the fresh air of beautiful flowers, and catch each side of the beautiful with your camera.( subhanallah,so amazing:p)

Here some pictures of Hitachi Garden :) wish I could be there one fine day.

Let's read Surah al-Kahfi,verse 51:

51 . I made them not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth , nor their own creation ; nor choose I misleaders for ( My ) helpers .


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