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trying to find some reason to belief bismillahirrahmanirrahim. trust and belief. just finished watching Liar Game Season 1 and 2. I'...

trust and belief

trying to find some reason to belief


trust and belief.
just finished watching Liar Game Season 1 and 2. I'm not sure whether the final stage of this story has been released or not.It's kind of interesting drama.
Well,I think it's all about trust.This game has negative and positive efffect to us.
Firstly, we may assume that the aim of the game is to trick the other players.The most important one,it'll teach you not how to be a good liar among us but OUR ABILITY TO TRUST OTHERS.

The main characters,Nao Kanzaki and Akiyama Kun. Nao Kanzaki is the one who is easily believing others without any doubt. She never learn the meaning of the word DOUBT. In this drama,she can be considered as the naive one. However, I like the way she is. She want to prove that if we don't hurt or deceive each other,we will be happy. Nao is often able to make profound insights concerning the Liar Game and "human nature". One of the aims is to find whether the one like Nao can survive in today's world?Nao Kanzaki refused to enter the next round of this game but her mind keep thinking that she will not let others suffer and she wishes to save the other players of the Liar Game who have fallen into debt.Akiyama Kun is an expert swindler and formerly a graduate student majoring in psychology. He had a bad pastime. His mother died because of believing others. So, he did not want any person become the next victim .He want to save Nao Kanzaki as she is quite similar to his mother's attitude and at the same time try to find who is the person behind this Liar Game. The games that had been prepared by LGT office will test them. Betraying is one of the bad ways to win this game but normally in the end,they'll lose. Akiyama always came with his fantastic idea to find the way to lead the game.

for a better world

I found that it's quite hard for me to trust others. Sometimes,maybe it's good. Trusting is subjective. Maybe we can define trust is having faith.It depends on you,do you easily belief others especially the one that you know recently??You may have doubt because it's the process to belief others,right?Watching this drama,I keep thinking what is the meaning in believing others?
I'm the one that hard for me to belief you but once I trust you,I'll trust you. For me, why we need to deceive and hurt people.It's useless. Try to think,if we don't deceive or hurt each other,everyone will be happy. If you had been betrayed by someone,I know it's hard for you to forgive them and trust them back but at least just try to forgive them. InshaAllah we will be happy. We also make some mistake, so do you want people hate you? No,am I right?I'm not the good one.For those who are angry with me or anyone that I made mistakes to her/him,please forgive me. I'll try to change my "negative" attitudes. So,please tell me if I'm wrong. I want friends who are always remind me that this is good and this is bad. Thanks for keep believing in me.Hontoni arigatou! Kam sahamida!^_^
That's all for today,take care! Keep believing
that Allah is always with us.Insha Allah,we'll be able to survive in this world with Him besides us.

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