Sunday, May 02, 2010


Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 5:46 PM

I met my cousin,Farah at KTM Mentakab.
I'm really sorry that u have to stay at your friend's house this time at Mentakab.
My mother and me went to our kampung because of something.
No matter what, at very last minute,I met her with my "secret recipe" puding for her.
hehe=p Preparing Puding for you,dear.
I hope you like it! I heard that the puding already finished before reaching your destination,Kuala Lipis!
Btw thanks for the chocolate,I love it^_^
Good luck for your choir this 15th May! Study smart, my future teacher,Cikgu Paeen=p I love you!
I know someone keep missing my puding there! Sorry,but I'll make it special for you,dear.You must come back and please do come to my home,I'll make it for you,my dear "circle"=p

After that,I went to Temerloh to buy some things for our preparation. White jubah, very rarely got chance to wear it, white jubah like a white wedding dress la=p
So beautiful! I like it. It's quite hard to find a suitable size for my mum because she's ''cute'' than me=p Lastly, we found it but still not really fit to my mum.

"Kangkung Goreng'' and ''Asam Pedas Ayam" That's my menu today for our lunch.
Any suggestion for tomorrow? Keep thinking of one of my favourite dishes, "Sambal Tempe Berso'on".Should I make it tomorrow?=p Trying to change my hobby, eating to cooking.hehe.

To my ex-roommates.missing all of you especially Bella,Su and Kimi. See all of you soon^_^Take care!To Kimi,let's follow me!

Keep healthy and keep smiling,may Allah bless us.Wassalam.


langittasbih said...

nak ikott!! jom2!!
nak puding! nak cokelat!
nak imah!


tq dear 4 missing the three of us.
miss u not? i do miss u. =)

Nor Halimah said...

bleh2... mai cni lu=p

xlme ag kite jmpe kn??

ibrahemazamanzain said...

nak puding jugak?
nak pick up white wedding dress dah ker?

Nor Halimah said...

eh org jauh pun nak..
blik la Msia dlu pape pon..
htr ke sane,hancur plak..
eh white wedding dress lmbt lg..


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