Thursday, December 17, 2009

the latest story..

Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 4:55 PM
It's almost 3 weeks in IIUM.
I love to be there..
Especially with my 3 roommates=D
Happy to be with all of you!
Don't worry, you have 5 years more to go,Imah!
Already started our classes in our new campus..
it's a bit different about classes..
but we'll try to adapt ourselves in new campus.
Got assignments to do..
So good luck for our undergraduate life!
Challenge waiting for you,be strong!
Dont you ever give up.

p/s:thanks to my friends and my lecturers!


Fauzan said...

selamat maju dengan jayanya.. :)
salam maal hijrah 1431..
semoga tahun baru disertai dengan azam dan semangat baru.

Nor Halimah said...

terima kasih.


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