Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Causes of Social Problem

Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 5:33 PM
this was my essay with my friends,Salsabiila and Nur Fakihin...

The Causes of Social Problems

Youth aspiration,country aspiration,the slogan vividly shows that our youths are precious vital asset for our beloved country,Malaysia.Unfortunately,nowadays after 50th independence anniversary ,our youth are still jeopardise by horrible social ill such as drug addict,free sex and wrong doings.The social issues are always be the headline for entire newspaper everyday.This shows how chronic our youth situation and may reach to the critical level if we are remains pretending dumb and deaf without find the way to prevent it getting worse. Negligence of religion,uncontrollable development of technology and bad influence from peers lead to this horrific phenomenon.

First of all, the negligence of religion is the major factor that leads our youth into social conflict.Nowadays youth only learn about the religion in their primary school but they failed to practice it in their real life.They cannot understand their religion so they just do whatever they want without thinking the limit of religion. This clearly shows that religion is the main tenant in our life which create the lifestyle of human and guidance to the right path.

Secondly, the uncontrollable development of technology also contributes to this problem.As far as we are concerne,teenage is the stage of life where the individual's curiousity is at a high level. Therefore they are incite to try something new in order to fulfill their desire. For instance, they can easily download anykind of ponography via internet which will lead them to watch it.Furthermore,if they keep watching this kind of material repeatedly, it will encourage them to experience the real situation. So ,this will lead to adultery.This explicitly shows that the uncontrollable development of technology contributes to the social ill.

Next, the bad influence from peer is one of the factors that lead to the social conflict. As the people said, oufr friend is our mirror.I f we are close to the perfume seller,the fragrance of the perfumewill be at us too indirectly.Otherwise, if we are close to the iron smith, indirectly we also set the sprinkle of the coal. This idiom clearly shows that how vital the role of a friend in our life.So when the youth fail to choose the right person to be friend,they will passed through the wrong way. When the youth hang out with their friends,who are smoking or drug addict ,they will influence to do the same things. This obviously shows that social ill came from tha bad influence of peer.

In a nutshell,negligence of religion,uncontrollable development of technology and bad influence from peers contributes to this terrible phenomenon.As the citizen, it is our responsibility to play our role to overcome this problem. So save our future generation!



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