Ahad, April 06, 2014

Wedding fariza

Alhamdullilah, i'm fine. A little bit busy with my study.
I hope everything runs smoothly. I do face some kind of problem,but I hope it will be settled when time goes by.
Alhamdullilah, I managed to attend my friend's wedding yesterday. My friend during my childhood's time.
I'm so happy for you,Fariza.

The most important thing, or maybe I can call it as a therapy for me, I managed to meet my school  friends from SK Lebak,Temerloh. Can you imagine? We met after almost 10-11 years,I think. Allah gave me this beautiful present to meet them today at kenduri. It was a kind of mini reunion for me.

I don't know, but regardless the fact that we did not meet for a long period of time, I can still feel the warmth of this beautiful friendship. I'm just too happy. My mind keep flying back to 10 years ago, when I was just a primary school's student, happy with them, without thinking about anything.  SERIOUSLY, TIME FLIES SO FAST. Back to the reality, I'm a big girl now:)

Yeah,my father is a teacher. I followed him, That's why my school is quite far from my home. It was quite hard for me to meet my friends from my primary school. I hope I will meet them again. Who's going to get married after this, don't forget to invite me:)

Now, I want to gather all my primary school friends. Maybe we can meet for a reunion,just an idea:)
So this is our pictures for yesterday. Barakallahulakuma to fariza and husband.