Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bukit Gambang Waterpark:)

Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 8:35 PM

Yesterday, I went to BGW with my mum and my bff, Nova.
It was fun since we've already planned for this trip long time ago.
Basically, what I can say about yesterday, It was a great weekend:)
I spent the whole day with my mum and my 'sister'^_^
Playing together with my bff..Having fun together..Trying all the slides there...
It was so fun playing with the water.=p
Thanks to them.
Unexpectedly, I met with my lecturers from AIKOL.
They have family day there :)

I hope I can spend time with my mum and my bffs again.
I have few suggestions about next destination.
Maybe Cameron Highland, Desaru? Or Langkawi? Lost world of Tambun? For sure ,not KL=p
Do u have another suggestion??
Let me think first:)
It'll be after raya.
For me, who is the person I spend the time with is more important rather than the destination. But if we managed to reach to the great destination,why not? Because you'll able to learn something from that place:) Am I right? I love to see beautiful scenery. It will make me to ponder and wonder>_<

Deep in my heart, missing my hometown in Johor:(
should i go back there during fasting season ? or just wait for hari raya celebration?
I dont know;p

my hometown in Gersik,Muar,Johor

That's all
Take care.



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