Sabtu, Mei 03, 2008

thinking about my future

It was a long time I did not wrote anything here.

Alhamdullilah,I got many offers to continue my study. Sorry,now I will write in English to improve my English.So,if anybody read this,please tell me if my grammar is wrong.

I got offers from UNISEL,KIPSAS,KULIYYAH,FORM 6,TEACHER INSTITUTE,MATRICULATION AND UNIVERSITY..I had decided to continue my study at University.I will learn in law field. Syariah law and sivil law. Everyone in my family was extremely happy with it. Now I had new mission to complete my study successfully..I will try to make English as my second language.I will talk and use this language more often.Chaiyok!!!If I able to express my study,I can save my money and age..Pray for me..