Sunday, January 09, 2011


Coretan daripada Nor Halimah Ahmad Ramli at 1:47 PM
Last night, i think it was really terrible night. I'll never forget last night's incident.
I believe that don't judge a book by its cover. Don't you ever claim that you know someone really well.It's unimportant how long you be friends.
It's not easy to get know someone in our life.
What's inside their heart,its not easy to know and understand.The truth is always hidden somewhere..
Find out the truth?
Yeah,thats correct.
Don't easily trust people.
Is it correct to beat someone without any valid reason?Do you have that right??!!
Can you just take other's belonging without their permission?
Come on,we're big enough to think wisely about it.
You should think it carefully.
I thought that you're more matured than us.
If you've anything to say,please discuss it first.
We're not going to get angry,we just want to hear your explanation.
That's all.
Every problem has it's own solution.
Talk first,and find the solution.
Clarification is very important,plus with an explanation.
Tell the truth.
Please stop blaming others,every people make a mistake.
We must learn from our mistake,not to make it worse than before.
There must be a reason behind this.
I know I'm not so kind ,but I totally disagree with your action.
As a human being,we need to respect others.
Then,inshaAllah other will love and respect us.
I've go through this kind of experience.
Even my family did it to me.It's hurt,you know.
Really hurt.
Please stop this kind of story.
As a friend, I hope everything will be ok.
I don't want to interfere without any reason but because
I love all of you.That's why I'm here.

I don't want all of us to repeat that bad history.
Allah knows the best.
Please stop fighting.



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